Shed Home FAQs:

What is a shed home?

Being a relatively new option on the housing market, shed homes are often mistaken as patchy tin boxes with barren interiors. But despite this common misconception the popularity of the shed home is on the rise.

The main difference between “shed homes” and “a shed” is that what we calls shed home are more Steel Built homes. Theses offer the benefits and design capabilities of a shed with the ability to make its homely with the interior layout of your choice.

Is the Shed home, or “Steel built homes” the way of future housing?

With their low cost and freedom of design, shed homes are becoming more mainstream. Often used as holiday homes, guest space & granny flats. Shed homes are popping up all over the country.

Also, with the heavy use of steel in shed home construction, your ability to design custom spaces has never been matched. Not only does steel shed home free your design they also free up the environment as most of the building’s materials are endlessly recyclable.