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Liveable Shed homes designed on the Sunshine Coast.

Superior Shed Homes

Steel Shed Homes are a great look for your dream home. We at Superior Garages & industrials offers thoughtful solutions to your shed home needs. All our Shed home can be customised to your needs and maintain your style of looks throughout.

Building a Steel Shed home comes with a huge range of benefits over traditional construction materials

  • Material Strength
  • Design freedoms for your shed ideas
  • Speed of construction
  • Environmentally conscious materials with endless recyclability
  • Functional & aesthetically pleasing  
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Superior Garages and Industrials - Sunshine Coast

Another design advantage that our superior shed homes have is that they are all factory fabricated. This has numerous benefits over traditional constructions

  • Faster construction & assembly
  • Specific design tolerances
  • Control construction environment

Not only does the building your shed home in our factory save you, it helps us reduce our Workplace Health & Safety as weather and other external variables has far effect on the process of a whole.

With modern construction methods and the design freedoms that steel construction offer, the scope of shed homes are often more than you can imagine. Don’t think of your shed home just a traditional 4 walled shed… Take a  look at this double story shed home, equipped with 3 bedrooms 2 bathers and a huge double car carport. All of this was built at a fraction of a cost quoted by a traditional building company

All our Shed home are made with 100% Australian Steels. Tough, Durable & flexible, building a steel shed home has more benefits than just the price.

With lenders loosening their belts once more perhaps a custom shed home will get your loan over the line.

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