Liveable Sheds

Liveable Sheds

Steel Structures to call home.

Liveable Shed homes are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional Brick & mortar houses. And the Sunshine Coast is a choice location for your shed home. With the laid-back lifestyle and the many rural or semi-rural blocks of land available.   


Our Liveable Shed Homes are perfect for the plethora of Old Farm lots being Subdivided into Semi-rural communities. You can build your dream house for less with a shed home.

Also Many Larger Residential blocks on the Sunshine Coast have a pre-existing allowance for a Shed or liveable shed on the property. Giving you an opportunity to build a Granny Flat Shed Home to get the extra rental potential out of your property


All our Liveable Shed homes are built with Australian Steel, enabling a freedom in design that isn’t offered by traditional homes. Typically Houses require internal supporting wall but this is different with Shed Homes, As the structure of most Sheds are basically Large open space with all the structural support built into the roof and 4 walls.

This Give you a Huge freedom of choice when designing your internal layout, as you can place your walls anywhere you please as they have no effect on the structural integrity of the building.


Some More benefits to building with Australian Steel

  • Termite Proof
  • Fireproof
  • Cheaper & Lighter than Wood farming
  • Reusable & recyclable

With this freedom of design, there is something you must consider when planning your Shed home. Such as an open plan living or a something cozier.

There are many schools of design to go with when planning for the exterior design of your shed home. You can choose to seamlessly blend into the environment of your house site or go with something more abstract or unique. Almost everything is customizable from the roof color blends to the Shape itself.

Superior Shed home Has been building Quality Livable Shed home on the Sunshine Coast for over 30 years, and during that time we have found. The earlier you call us during the planning stage the better as you can end up saving huge in the long run.

We know people are happy with the Shed Homes we deliver as a Large percentage of new Shed home projects are referrals from previous builds or are returning customer how have come to expect our superior standard of shed home construction. The name says it all, let us build you something Superior.

Some more thing to consider For you shed home

  • Block Slope
  • Cladding options
  • Style of eaves (soffits)
  • Type of insulation
  • Shape and Design of roof

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