Off-grid Shed Homes

Off-Grid Shed Homes

Designed to any Specifications.

With modern Solar & Battery Technology, it is now possible to easily and affordably build your Off-grid Shed home. And this movement towards off-grid construction is gaining traction worldwide.

Obviously, when you endeavor to build off grid you strive for freedom from the power companies and “the Grid”  so don’t restrict yourself on the design or your house, Choose a Superior Shed home. As all our homes are prefabricated to your specific designs. And as they are framed with Australian steel, you are given the ability to fit out the interior of you off-grid shed escape how you please.

A Granny flat like the one shown is a great way to turn the empty rural paddocks into Rental income. a Simple Steel Shed home combined with off-grid technology.

If you are interested in an off-grid Shed Home Build, Contact us early on in the planning and we will be happy to help plan your dream, and save you along the way!

Advantages of Off-grid Shed Living

  • Renewable green energy
  • Massively reduced electric bills
  • Power storage in batteries
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Rewarding lifestyle
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